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Hawick and Wilton

1st XI Capped Players - 2010 Onwards

To commemorate our 150th season playing on Bucleuch Park, we are introducing a Cap system for our 1st XI.

The caps will be numbered and will be recorded from the start of our 150th season and will continue onwards as a record of representing Hawick & Wilton 1st XI. Any guest players and proffessionals will be recorded below this list with dates.

We are hugely grateful to our sponsor Johnstons Cashmere for allowing us to initiate this scheme, and look forward to continuing the partnership for many years to come.

The list with pictures will be noted below:~

1-Allan Moffat

2-Craig Macdougall

3-A Johnstone

4-B Hartop

5-D Welsh

6-N Storey

7-P Mactaggart

8-G Baillie

9-D Solley

10-P Solley

11-G Watson

12-R Common

13-B Mactaggart

14-A Weir

15-L Nichol

16-J Boyle

17-K Davies

18-D Bryant

19-A Parr

20-W Rodgers

21-S Hair

22-R Anderson

23-E Hair

24-L Stewart

25-G Alexander

26-D Currie

27-R Alexander

28-G Welsh




Guest Players and Proffessionals

Season 2010 - Lahiru Fernando (Sri Lanka) pro.

Season 2010 - G Cunningham (Guest)

Season 2010 - C Beukes "

Season 2010 - G Renwick "

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